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Hey guys,                                                                                                                                                    Gamingatwill and today I’m not doing a video. So that means that I’m showing you my first script video! OMG! So here it is! 🙂


Hey guys,

Gamingatwill and today I showing you a made up Pokemon region named the ovlar. Now let’s get into it! So as you can see there is a bit of the Sinnoh. So these are basically sequel to Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl and Platinum. So you start off at a beach because the cruiser you were on crashed on the beach so the first thing you do is get a starter from the prof (and that’s what the next videos in the series is about). So that means you go to Splento City. Then you go back to the beach to rescue the people in the shipwreck. Then you make your way to Splento City again. You battle the fire type gym leader me Will and get the Lava Badge. So that’s the first part of my made up region.So that’s going to wrap up this video. So make Sure you like this video and if your nice subscribe and GamingatWill out.