Zillion Zeutron

Zillion Zeutron is one or is longest spinning beyblades, now lets move on to its stats

0 Attack                                                                         0 agility      

2 Burst                                                                            8 wight

2 Defence                                                                         9 stamina

I have the beyblade

The book of time

Once when Earth was young there was a book of time that made time tick. The book of time was located in the forgotten hills,it was a long way from anywhere (A side from the forgotten hills).

One day a bunch of explorers got together to find the forgotten hills but they had no idea that the book of time was there. So they went and explored for a year and found the forgotten hills. But they were not prepared and staved to death, just as they saw it in the distance.

Maximum Garuda G3

The beyblade Maximum Garuda G3 or Mr banana. Lets move on its stats.

0 Attack                                                                                   4 Weight                         

0 Burst                                                                                       7 Agility   

4 Defense                                                                                    10 Stamina

This isn’t my video

Worst Video Made’s story

A list of how bad it is!

.the thumbnail

.the title  

 .the video

See all the main were listed do not get me started about how complicated it really gets. So lets take a look at its history.  In February the 10th 2018 the “worst was made” was edited and published to youtube. The end.

I dare you to watch this video [not inappropriate]

The Gold statue

Once in a Golden Hall there was a statue made of gold. The only way to get it inside the golden hall is if you have the golden ticket. But if you do not have the golden ticket you have to travel to the hidden mansion to get it.

One day a thief sneaked in the Golden Hall and stole the gold statue. The Police chased after the robber at top speed, but some how he ran faster than a police helicopter.

Then he twisted his ankle and ran into a wall. What a bad combo! So he ran the opposite way and returned the gold statue to its rightful place. The End.